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Creativity – does it die from structure?

The creative era Most people would agree that creativity is the mother of innovation. We have entered the creative era, where the ability to innovate and constantly adapt to change will determine our chances of success. Since innovation is high on most companies’ agenda we are often involved in conversations about how innovation can be […]

Dialogue – Words Matter

“It’s all about the dialogue” is a key tenet at Strategos.  Dialogue is how our clients form and flex ideas for innovation.  Dialogue is how clients debate and decide what competitive advantage will drive future growth.  Dialogue energizes the entire organization.  But is your organization really engaging in productive dialogue?  We all talk a lot.  […]

Making Open Innovation Stick

The publication, in 2003, of Henry Chesbrough’s book “Open Innovation” spawned a movement that has since swept across the industrial landscape and changed forever how companies think about innovation.  The ideas were not new.  In some cases they date back to the 1960s to the work in inter-firm R&D collaboration and they borrow from other […]


Strategos is a strategy and innovation consultancy firm founded in 1995 in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley by a group of talented professionals and Professor Gary Hamel. For almost 20 years we have helped clients develop game changing strategies and embed innovation at the heart of their organisation.

Strategy, Opportunity & Capability

We believe in a creative and systemic approach that requires addressing 3 key areas.

Case: Strategie, innovatie en triple bottom line voor FIFCO

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