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Nurturing Corporate Venture Incubation

How leading companies accelerate learning When innovating the “next big thing” is top priority, nearly a quarter of large U.S. companies now rely on in-house product or corporate venture incubation to lead the way, according to a recently published survey. In addition to creating a startup-like aura that attracts the best and brightest employees, the incubators […]

How Category Creators Reach Escape Velocity

  In physics, escape velocity is known as the “speed sufficient for a body to escape from a gravitational centre of attraction without accelerating further”. Think about the convention-busting companies that have graced the consumer landscape over the past several decades – Chobani, Burton, Starbucks, Red Bull, Kickstarter. To successfully escape the gravitational pull of […]

Focusing Innovation Inside

Most of the time when we think about innovation, we think about launching new products, new services, new routes to market and new business models. But in fact, the application of innovation principles and methods inside a firm can often yield significant benefits in terms of how effectively we organize and serve our customers. How […]


Strategos is a strategy and innovation consultancy firm founded in 1995 in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley by a group of talented professionals and Professor Gary Hamel. For almost 20 years we have helped clients develop game changing strategies and embed innovation at the heart of their organisation.

Strategy, Opportunity & Capability

We believe in a creative and systemic approach that requires addressing 3 key areas.

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Empowering creative teams

"Exploring new horizons in kids entertainment"
In Miami on Februari 22nd Mercy Salaz from Strategos will deliver a masterclass on this topic.