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Taking Your Stage Gate to the Next Level

The stage-gate process has been a cornerstone of product development since the 1960’s bringing efficiency and control to the development activities. As applied to innovation, the stage-gate process often yields incremental innovation. The same controls, metrics, gate reviews and screening mechanisms that bring control to the process also tend to weed out the true outliers […]

Innovate with purpose

For successful businesses purpose defines the role they want to play in the future they aim to help shape. It is driven by a desire to have a positive impact on the lives of consumers and customers and to engage their employees in building the future of the company. Having a clear purpose will outperform more traditional strategy development because it will help unleash a passion to innovate in your organization.

Ideas To Impact: Focus on Late-Stage Innovation

Do we tend to focus too much on generating better ideas and too little on moving them to market success? Companies work hard to build innovation capabilities only to find themselves stuck in “Ideation Limbo.” Enthusiasm begins to wane and your efforts are going nowhere. Our experience has given us many insights into what your organization can do to convert ideas into tangible business results.


Strategos is a strategy and innovation consultancy firm founded in 1995 in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley by a group of talented professionals and Professor Gary Hamel. For 20 years we have helped clients develop game changing strategies and embed innovation at the heart of their organisation.

Strategy, Opportunity & Capability

We believe in a creative and systemic approach that requires addressing 3 key areas.

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