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Experimental Creativity

Coming up with clever, cheap, fast experiments to test the assumptions of your business model is not easy. There is really no prescription for what to use when or where. This is one of the more “creative” exercises within the innovation journey. But the good news is that there are few design principles to guide you and some examples that can hopefully spark some ideas as you design your own experiments.

Mashups Everywhere

The mashup phenomenon isn’t new but it’s no longer a novelty, it’s now the norm. The term “mashup” is also gaining usage to refer to the juxtaposition of industry leaders and startups as they come together through incubators and accelerators to develop new ideas and businesses. Strategos helps foster business mashups on a client by client basis through our use of cross-function, multi-level client core teams and workshops to reach more voices. Mashups aren’t just for pop music. Be open to mashups in your organization and let that energy and learning lead you to new areas of growth.

Keeping the Customer in Focus

  Most innovation projects focus on discovering customer needs and resolving customer problems at the front end of the process.  But, unfortunately, once an innovation is articulated and approved, it enters  “the process” and addressing customer needs often takes a back seat.  Here are some ways to keep the customer front and center throughout the […]


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