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Innovation Principles (part 3)

Innovation Principles guide the way we work with clients. Part 3 focuses on embedding innovation and the three principles that help us address this challenge.

Scope Creep

Our work has focused on helping clients to create and realize innovative strategies and new offering concepts. But what about the entire management infrastructure that an organization uses to deliver value to its customers? Our thinking led us to a “principles-based” approach to management innovation.

Experimental Creativity

Coming up with clever, cheap, fast experiments to test the assumptions of your business model is not easy. There is really no prescription for what to use when or where. This is one of the more “creative” exercises within the innovation journey. But the good news is that there are few design principles to guide you and some examples that can hopefully spark some ideas as you design your own experiments.


Strategos is one of the world's leading strategy & innovation advisory firms. We have over 20 years of experience of working with many of the Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 companies. We believe that to achieve sustainable growth organizations need to apply creative, rigorous and disciplined approaches to strategy & innovation while supporting capability development. Together with our clients we design the right solutions to help them outperform industry rivals by developing breakthrough strategies that connect to opportunities for growth. (...more)

Strategy, Opportunity & Capability

Breaking down barriers to foster innovation

An interview with Strategos partner Michel van Hove on YRB, a Vodafone supported business platform. Read the article here.

Total University and Strategos Help Senior Executives make sense of innovation

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