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Inclusive Leadership

A lot of people are going to think this rambling is about something else. That’s because a lot has already been written about ways for leaders to open up communication, to delegate decision-making authority and to seek out external contributors to stretch the organization’s thinking. But all this presumes that there is a frenzied mob […]

Whirlpool’s Commitment to Innovation

I will soon mark my 14th anniversary with Strategos and this seems like a good time to reflect on my years as an innovation and strategy consultant.  Over the years, our Innovation principles have endured (see Ian Pallister’s blog for some of the principles), but we have been challenged to apply them in new ways […]

How Google Manages Continuous Innovation in a Rapidly Changing World

The innovation challenge Most companies face significant challenges in terms of innovation. The products and services that generate current income must be continually replaced by new and improved offerings to customers. The advantage that many companies have in terms of skilled labor and a strong market position is about to disappear as other nations, after […]


Strategos is a strategy and innovation consultancy firm founded in 1995 in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley by a group of talented professionals and Professor Gary Hamel. For almost 20 years we have helped clients develop game changing strategies and embed innovation at the heart of their organisation.

Strategy, Opportunity & Capability

We believe in a creative and systemic approach that requires addressing 3 key areas.


How Merck engaged 1500 of their employees in innovation

Merck Animal Health

“We approached Strategos looking for a way to engage our employees very actively in innovation.  Our senior management was … [Read More...]

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Strategos @ FT Innovate 2013

Strategos partner MIchel van Hove discusses the importance of embedding a culture of innovation for long term competitiveness.