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Organizing for Game Changing Innovation

The notion that innovation is a key driver of top-line growth and total shareholder return is widely accepted among business leaders everywhere – as evidenced by their ongoing (and escalating) commitment to investment in innovation initiatives and new product development. The case for more radical, Game Changing innovation, the kind that ushers in new business […]

Predict the Future By Creating It

Peter Drucker famously said that “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. There’s more to this quote than you might think at first glance. Too often we hear about the fast followers or the Kodaks of the world that fail to constantly re-conceive the future or fail to align their activities […]

Taking Your Stage Gate to the Next Level

The stage-gate process has been a cornerstone of product development since the 1960’s. As applied to innovation, the stage-gate process often yields incremental innovation. Despite its benefits, the stage-gate approach has led to a lot of unintended consequences that inhibit innovation. So how can we adjust the stage-gate process to be more innovation friendly?


Strategos is a strategy and innovation consultancy firm founded in 1995 in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley by a group of talented professionals and Professor Gary Hamel. For 20 years we have helped clients develop game changing strategies and embed innovation at the heart of their organisation.
We believe in a creative and systemic approach that addresses 3 key areas. (...more)

Strategy, Opportunity & Capability

Learn how we developed a new growth strategy for Florida Ice & Farm Co.

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